The Accountability Path

Five steps to inspire people to own their work | taught by Josef Shapiro

Course description

There’s a lot of talk about the frightening employee disengagement statistics. It's even scarier to think that your people are likely not as engaged as you believe. But there’s no agreement on the root cause and therefore the solution. Lack of accountability is the foundation of weak engagement. It’s the biggest problem facing businesses today, and most managers don’t realize it.

When you learn these five easy steps, you’ll stop supervising and start mentoring your people. They’ll take on more responsibility and thank you for it, because they’ll be choosing their challenges in their own self-interest.

Stop thinking in terms of “getting someone to do something” and start developing the careers of your people. It’s a lot more fun, I promise. It’s what your people want, but either don’t know or are afraid to ask. Employee disengagement is the norm in our world, unfortunately, and this is the path to turning that around.

The 5 Steps of The Accountability Path

  1. The Notice
  2. The Nudge
  3. The Talk
  4. The Carefrontation
  5. The Line

One of the biggest challenges for a manager is giving a person enough structure to focus and grow, but enough freedom to be creative and own their job for themselves. The Accountability Path is a map for creating the right balance, ensuring people get what they need from you to give their very best–not because you told them to, but because they want to.

Think your people don't want accountability? Think again. They just want it in a way that supports them rather than disciplines them. They want to be mentored. No one wants to be supervised. In this course, you'll discover where your best of intentions have unfortunately been going awry, and learn to refocus your efforts to create a workplace people love. That includes you! Get started today!

Josef Shapiro
Josef Shapiro

Josef's Clear and Open approach shows top leaders and changemakers how to look continuously inward for the answers, and more importantly, how to apply what they’ve learned to improve every aspect of their lives and their business. Josef’s methodology includes deep coaching, radical introspection, meditation, and other tools that allow you to create meaningful change—from the inside out.

Course Curriculum

0. Roadmap
0.1 Welcome! FREE PREVIEW
0.2 Course Snapshot FREE PREVIEW
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1. The Invisible Root Problem
1.1 Pretest FREE PREVIEW
1.2 Symptoms of Accountability Problems FREE PREVIEW
1.3 Accountability Issues as a Root Cause
1.4 Quiz
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2. The Accountability People Want (but won't ask for)
2.1 Pretest
2.2 Meet People Where They Are
2.3 Accountability is Support
2.4 Accountability Is Personal, Let It Be
2.5 You’re On Their Side
2.6 Don’t Endure Excuses
​2.7 Appeal To Self Interest
2.8 Quiz
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3. The 5 Step Accountability Path
3.1 Pretest
3.2 The Notice
3.3 The Nudge
3.4 The Talk
3.5 The Carefrontation
​3.6 The Line
3.7 Dos and Don’ts
3.8 Be Clear With People
3.9 Quiz
3.10 Accountability Path Checklist
3.11 Course Evaluation (Only 5 Questions!)
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