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Excellence Is Learned

Excellence in our world is often appreciated, but rarely sought. We love to watch athletes, actors, and other performers do amazing things and make it look easy.

But do you want that for yourself? 

And do you know how to get there?

Excellence is not something you get by doing something over and over. It's in part skill, but it's mostly a function of awareness. In other words, you're in your own way. You knew that, right? But to allow excellence to come through you, you have to know exactly how. Then you can undo it.

Whether you dig ditches or lead thousands, the path of excellence awaits. We are all on it, whether we realize it or not. When you surrender to the call to become to best you can be at whatever you do, you receive the ultimate reward: your truest self.

In the end, the path to excellence is the path to self-knowledge. Do you dare look?

Josef Shapiro

Since I first trained as a business coach at EMyth in 2002, I’ve been a change agent for thousands of business leaders and managers. Coaching is a fast-growing industry, but it's also very young. I'm a perennial student and never satisfied with the pace of human change because I think we can do better. For me, it’s an unsolved mystery and the needless suffering inside workplaces around the world hangs in the balance. It affects us all. Learn more at

Course curriculum

  • 2

    2. Avenues and Obstacles to Excellence

    • Sessions 2.1 The Embodiment Gap, Authority Projections, and More

    • Session 2.2 Excellence as a Means to Your Goals

    • The Seduction of Complexity - Article

    • Assignment

  • 3

    3. How To Bring Excellence To Goals

    • Session 3.1 Deconstructing Goals and Knowledge, Skill and Awareness

    • Session 3.2 Authentic Goals: Connecting Doing and Being in Excellence

    • Stock Language - Article

    • Get Engagement in One Question - Article

    • Assignment

  • 4

    4. Heart-Centered Goal-Setting

    • Session 4.1 Freedom From vs. Freedom To

    • Session 4.2 Including Your Heart In Goal Setting

    • Session 4.3 Guilt and Other Limits of Excellence

    • Session 4.4 Letting Your Dreams Change You

    • 4.5 Writing Your Eulogy

    • Assignment

  • 5

    5. Introduction to Shadow Work

    • Session 5.1 Emotional Obstacles to Excellence

    • Session 5.2 Exploring Your Light and Shadow Aspects

    • Is Happiness Closer Than You Think? (Part 1/2)

    • The False Seduction of Happiness (Part 2/2)

    • Assignment

  • 6

    6. Creating Change Through Shadow Work

    • Session 6.1 Show Your Shadow Who's Boss

    • Sessions 6.2 Uncontracting From Reality

    • Session 6.3 The End of Struggling With Yourself

    • Session 6.4 Intermediate Shadow Work

    • Assignment

  • 7

    7. Next Level Self-Management

    • Session 7.1 Making Choices You Didn't Know You Had

    • Session 7.2 Beginner's Mind & Writing Your Shadow

    • Byron Katie's Questions

    • Assignment

  • 8

    8. Removing Your Shadow From Your Future

    • Session 8.1 Deepening and Integrating Your Shadow Work

    • Session 8.2 Shadow as the Obstruction to Your Dreams

    • Assignment

  • 9

    9. The Root Of Shadow

    • Session 9.1 Connecting Shadow Patterns to Parental Conditioning

    • Session 9.2 The Origin of the Shadow & Responsibility

    • Assignment

  • 10

    10. Conclusion

    • Session 10.1 Excuses

    • Session 10.2 Training

    • Session 10.3 The 3 Kinds Of Authority

    • Session 10.4 Set The Conditions For Excellence

  • 11

    11. Epilogue

    • Session 11.1 Changing Gears Too Often

    • Session 11.2 Disbelieve Your Stories

    • Session 11.3 Responsibility And What Apologies Really Are

    • Session 11.4 Being There For Yourself

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