Open to Excellence

Getting from good to great | taught by Josef Shapiro
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Josef Shapiro
Josef Shapiro

About the instructor

Josef's Clear and Open approach shows top leaders and changemakers how to look continuously inward for the answers, and more importantly, how to apply what they’ve learned to improve every aspect of their lives and their business. Josef’s methodology includes deep coaching, radical introspection, meditation, and other tools that allow you to create meaningful change—from the inside out.

Excellence Is Learned

Excellence in our world is often appreciated, but rarely sought. We love to watch athletes, actors, and other performers do amazing things and make it look easy.

But do you want that for yourself? 

And do you know how to get there?

Excellence is not something you get by doing something over and over. It's in part skill, but it's mostly a function of awareness. In other words, you're in your own way. You knew that, right? But to allow excellence to come through you, you have to know exactly how. Then you can undo it.

Whether you dig ditches or lead thousands, the path of excellence awaits. We are all on it, whether we realize it or not. When you surrender to the call to become to best you can be at whatever you do, you receive the ultimate reward: your truest self.

In the end, the path to excellence is the path to self-knowledge. Do you dare look?

Course Contents

7 Multimedia
8 Texts
30 Audios
12.0 hrs

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