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taught by Josef Shapiro

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Course description

This is the recording archive for Josef's office hours. They occur twice a month at 11:15 am PT. Any member may attend as long as they bring a concise, carefully considered question.

Josef Shapiro
Josef Shapiro

Josef's Clear and Open approach shows top leaders and changemakers how to look continuously inward for the answers, and more importantly, how to apply what they’ve learned to improve every aspect of their lives and their business. Josef’s methodology includes deep coaching, radical introspection, meditation, and other tools that allow you to create meaningful change—from the inside out.

Course Curriculum

September 2020
9.1.20 The One Story
9.1.20 The One Story
9.15.20 Finding a Deeper Hunger
9.15.20 Finding a Deeper Hunger
9.17.20 Introducing the Backward Step
9.17.20 Introducing the Backward Step
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August 2020
8.4.20 Sorting Out Cluttered Paradigms
8.18.20 Allowing Yourself to be Checkmated (audio)
8.18.20 Allowing Yourself to be Checkmated (video)
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July 2020
7.7.20 Inquiry, Yearning, and Truth
7.21.20 Getting Underneath
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June 2020
6.2.20 Letting Go Of States
6.16.20 Grief And the Ego's Desire To Escape
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May 2020
5.5.20 The Loss Of Content-Based Meaning
5.12.20 Applied Allowing Things To Be
5.19.20 Applying Paradigmatic Thinking
5.28.20 Concluding the Inner Circle
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April 2020
4.7.20 Is Sugar In Reality?
4.14.20 Hate and Judgment
4.21.20 The Loss of Personal Will
4.28.20 Leading and Trailing Edge
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March 2020
3.3.20 Symptoms of Awakening
3.11.20 The Three Existential Fears
3.17.20 Approaching Oneness
3.24.20 Beyond The Fear of Death
3.31.20 What You've Always Been
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February 2020
2.11.20 Listening
2.18.20 Listening Part Two
2.25.20 The Logical End
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January 2020
1.4.20 Evolution of Selves
1.21.20 Willingness To Be Reinvented
1.28.20 Relating To Change Effectively
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December 2019
12.3.19 Intro to 9 Elements of a Paradigm
12.17.19 The Spirituality of Goals
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November 2019
11.5.19 Give Yourself to Truth
11.12.19 The Negotiation With Change
11.19.19 Models and Confusion
11.26.19 Finding Flow in Work
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October 2019
10.1.19 Surrendering to Freedom
10.8.19 Working With Denial Authentically
10.15.19 Playing Victim to Overwhelm
10.22.19 Guilt and Unconditional Love
10.29.19 Relationship as a Verb
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September 2019
9.3.19 Surrendering to Life's Teachings
9.10.19 Devotion to Life
9.17.19 Deconstructing Projection
9.24.19 Doing What It Takes
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August 2019
8.6.19 Processing One's Passion Path
8.27.19 Manifestation Without Control
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July 2019
7.2.19 The Formula for Change
7.9.19 Differentiating From Shadow
7.16.19 Over-Identification
7.23.19 Levels of Learners
7.30.19 Retiring the General Manager of the Universe
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