Course Description

If you’ve tried on the teachings of Clear and Open even just a tiny bit, you already know the real power is in not in doing, but in undoing.

In the new 11-week seminar, I’ll be teaching you how to use the power of questioning yourself to create radical change. When you have the guts to look in the mirror, you can completely UNDO the limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and untrue assumptions that are holding you back—fast.

Not Just A Course

I’m extra excited about this because I’m changing the format a little bit and making this a very hands-on group coaching workshop. You’re going to get the kind of attention usually only my one-on-one clients get, at a fraction of the cost. Each week, I’ll work with people individually, toward the benefit of the whole group.

And: you’re going to learn how to use inquiry with others so you can uncover the power of your colleagues and employees as well.

This will be the most powerful material I’ve ever taught… You’ll learn how to free up energy, time, and focus by being more in reality and less in stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

Imagine a life where whenever you feel stressed out or upset, you know you’re just a few deep questions away from it disappearing.

If that’s something you desire, then you need this seminar!

What You Can Expect

Learning about yourself and making the deep, transformative changes that you seek is made much easier when you’re surrounded by a reliable, caring community that will naturally reflect and mirror new methods and ways of operating.

In the Clear and Open Dojo, the community is connected with the power of paradigm-shifting methodology. We practice “Un-Doing.” One of the first things you’ll learn is that what you’re taught in school is mostly useless and ineffective when it comes to living your best life.

What You'll Discover

  • How your unconscious resistance to reality creates resistance and unnecessary friction with others
  • How your hidden stories pre-shape experiences that cause you stress, anxiety, depression, etc.
  • How you create unnecessary fear and become trapped by it
  • How you siphon off your energy needlessly when you live inside your head

Curious Examination

The methods in this course show you how to be curious about your habits, examine whether they are serving you, and find the courage to change when those habits aren’t serving you or your higher purpose. The hands-on coaching and community support will push you toward a better version of yourself,through the consistent practice of decreasing the gap between who you are and who you want to be.  

When your transformation is inward rather than outward, happening at the level of being, you’ll discover that everything in your life will begin to change and grow. Your business, your relationships, your mental and physical health—all of these things will improve dramatically when you listen to and learn from the lessons that life is teaching you. 

It is not enough to simply understand with your mind—that’s what you’re taught in school, and we’ve all done this for years. If we were able to think our way to contentment, wouldn’t we all be happy by now? And yet, pain and suffering is the norm wherever you look. Intelligence is not enough to give us the satisfaction, peace, self-expression, power, and freedom that we all seek.

Josef Shapiro

Since I first trained as a business coach at EMyth in 2002, I’ve been a change agent for thousands of business leaders and managers. Coaching is a fast-growing industry, but it's also very young. I'm a perennial student and never satisfied with the pace of human change because I think we can do better. For me, it’s an unsolved mystery and the needless suffering inside workplaces around the world hangs in the balance. It affects us all. Learn more at

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Introduction: Not-Knowing

  • 2

    2. The Pre-Requisites of Inquiry

  • 3

    3. Embracing What Is

    • Embracing What Is (1.24.19)

    • Assignment

    • The Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet

  • 4

    4. Doing "The Work"

    • Judge Your Neighbor (1.31.19)

    • Assignment

    • Facilitation Guide for The Work

  • 5

    5. Loving Life as Your Teacher

    • Loving Life as Your Teacher (2.7.19)

    • Assignment

    • Make Friend With Reality - A TED Talk

  • 6

    6. Make What's Important, Important

    • Make What's Important, Important (2.14.19)

    • TED Talk on the Marshmallow Test and Instant Gratification

    • Assignment

  • 7

    7. Practice Makes Embodiment

    • Practice Makes Embodiment (2.21.19)

    • Assignment

  • 8

    8. Using Inquiry to Mature

    • Using Inquiry to Mature (2.28.19)

    • Assignment

  • 9

    9. Inquiring Into Maturity

    • Inquiring into Maturity (3.7.19)

    • Assignment

  • 10

    10. Managing Yourself and Others With Inquiry

    • Managing Yourself and Others With Inquiry (3.14.19)

    • Assignment

  • 11

    11. Who Are You If You're Not Your Mind?

    • Who are you if you're not your mind? (3.21.19)

  • 12

    12. Bonus: Why Inner Work Is So Critical

    • The Intrinsic Nature of Inner Work

  • 13

    13. Bonus: How to Use Deep Practice to Improve

    • How to Use Deep Practice to Improve

  • 14

    14. Bonus: Maturing Out of Ego

    • Perseverance and Success as a Function of Maturity

    • Maturing Beyond Ego (4.4.19)

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