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This is the archive for the leaders-only weekly webcast. This content is held in the strictest confidence and is available only for Clear and Open Members at their top of their organizational chart.

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Josef Shapiro
Josef Shapiro

Josef's Clear and Open approach shows top leaders and changemakers how to look continuously inward for the answers, and more importantly, how to apply what they’ve learned to improve every aspect of their lives and their business. Josef’s methodology includes deep coaching, radical introspection, meditation, and other tools that allow you to create meaningful change—from the inside out.

Course Curriculum

Solving the Right Problem–Relationship to the Unknown
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May 2019
5.7.19 Drowning the Self in Freedom
5.28.19 Solve the Right Problems
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April 2019
4.2.19 Awakening
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February 2019
2.5.19 Uncontracting Self-Image & Struggle
2.12.19 Vertical Learning
2.19.19 Maturing Beyond Ego
2.26.19 Needing to Be Listened To
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January 2019
1.8.19 Unhooking from Thought
1.15.19 Passion Path and Soulmates
1.22.19 Don't (Only) Believe in Ghosts
1.29.19 The 13 Senses
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December 2018
12.4.18 Flipping Inner Work
12.18.18 Frustration-Free Living
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November 2018
11.6.18 Self-Interest and Company Values
11.13.18 Eliciting Ownership in Employees
11.27.18 Playing With Inquiry
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October 2018
10.2.18 Challenging Your Normal
10.9.18 Business Without Busyness
10.16.18 Faith and Belief
10.23.18 Setting Boundaries with Peers
10.30.18 Healthy Detachment to Thoughts
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9.4.18 Embracing Being Tested
9.11.18 Hunger and The Competence Paradox
9.18.18 Belonging vs Truth
9.25.18 From Thrival to Flow via the Heart
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August 2018
8.7.18 Examining Your Commitment
8.14.18 Surrendering the Illusion of Control
8.23.18 How To Relate to Change
8.28.18 How We Arrive at Truth
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7.3.18 Engagement Quiz and Going Granular
7.10.18 The End of Image
7.17.18 Intro to Meditation
7.24.18 Mission vs. Adventure
7.31.18 Abiding with What Is
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June 2018
6.06.18 Self-Management, Surrender and The Great Mystery
6.12.18 Advanced Disbelieving Your Thoughts
6.19.18 Unhooking from the velcro mind
6.26.18 Unconditional Follow-Through
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May 2018
5.01.18 Navigating Shame in a Post-Truth Era
5.15.18 The Deconstructive Path to Awareness
5.29.18 Abide With Your True Essence
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4.3.18 Dont Solve the Wrong Problem
4.10.18 The Nothing that Isn't Nothing
4.17.18 Healthy-Self-Interest and Much More
4.24.18 Leadership as Spiritual Teaching
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3.6.18 Questions, Surrendering, Shame, and Accountability
3.13.18 Accountability, Reality, and Hypocrisy
3.20.18 Authority Dynamics, Conflict and More
3.27.18 Descartes, Money, Meditation, and Subjectivism
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February 2018
2.6.18 Holding Your Own Process
2.13.18 No Accountability No Change
2.20.18 Turning Toward Values
2.27.18 Deconstructing Family
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January 2018
1.2.18 Why Annual Plans Don't Work
1.9.18 Learning is Not What You Think
1.16.18 Revealing Unchangeable EEs and Finance Roles
1.23.18 Desirable Difficulty vs. Suffering
1.30.18 Evolving from Extreme Subjectivism
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Dec 2017
12.5.17 How To Listen Deeply
12.12.17 How To Let Reality Win
12.19.17 The Invisibility of Disengagement
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Nov - 2017
11.7.17 What's Your Excuse?
11.14.17 Stillness, God, and Self-Interest
11.28.17 The Story in the Way of Action
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Oct- 2017
10.3.17 Love Your Morning Routine
10.10.17 Unconditional Love and Forgiveness Redefined
10.17.17 Introducing the Ranking System
10.24.17 Exploding the Execution Gap
10.31.17 The Necessity of Exposure
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9.5.17 What is Maturity?
9.19.17 Bias for Action
9.26.17 Thinking Thematically
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8.1.17 The Granularity of Choice and Commitment
8.8.17 Setting Conditions For Change
8.15.17 Preparing For Change vs. Change
8.22.17 The Radical Difference Between Trying and Doing
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7.11.17 The Essence of Meditation and Why It's Elusive
7.18.17 Overwhelm as Evidence and the Nature of Practice
7.25.17 Stress as an Illusion, and Departing from Reality
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6.6.17 The Illusion of Frustration
6.13.17 Pay For What You Want
6.20.17 Every Loneliness Is a Pinnacle
6.27.17 Courage
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5.2.17 The Seduction of Complexity
5.9.17 The Chaos and Spirituality of Goal Setting
5.16.17 Don't Believe Your Thoughts and Love Your Life
5.23.17 Mentoring Blind Spots
5.30.17 Investing and Divesting
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4.4.17 Awakening From the Dream
4.18.17 Work on the Real Problem
4.25.17 Thematic Shadow Discernment
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3.7.17 How To Manage Managers
3.14.17 Cowardice Hiding Behind Emotions at Work
3.21.17 Listening, Receiving and Surrendering to Discomfort
3.28.17 Deconstructing Belief
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2.7.17 Developing People and Emotional Discomfort
2.14.17 How To Take Personal Responsibility, and Excuses
2.21.17 5 Ways To Tell Someone's Serious About Change
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1.3.17 Why don't you have what you want, and on meditiation
1.10.17 Meta-Supervision
1.17.17 Using Squirmy Accountability
1.24.17 Challenging Untruth and Poor Boundaries
1.31.17 How to Develop People
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12.6.16 Negotiating with fear and aloneness
12.13.16 Clearly State The Issue Workshop
12.20.16 Working With The Conditioning of Employees
12.27.16 Org Charts, Overwhelm, and Problem Solving
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11.1.16 Accountability in Context - Video
11.1.16 Accountability in Context - Audio
11.8.16 Your Personal Philosophy - Video
11.8.16 Your Personal Philosophy - Audio
11.15.16 Being There For Your Protector - Audio
11.22.16 CLEAR the Issue Workshop
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10.4.16 Freedom vs. Responsibility, the False Dichotomy - Video
10.4.16 Freedom vs. Responsibility, the False Dichotomy - Audio
10.11.16 Responsibility as a Maturational and Evolutionary Process - Video
10.11.16 Responsibility as a Maturational and Evolutionary Process - Audio
10.18.16 Relating Closely To Life Lessons - Video
10.18.16 Relating Closely To Life Lessons - Audio
10.25.16 The 4 Principles of Right Speech - Video
10.25.16 The 4 Principles of Right Speech - Audio
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9.6.16 Open Book Management - Video
9.6.16 Open Book Management - Audio
9.13.16 Meditation, Money, and Management - Video
9.13.16 Meditation, Money, and Management - Audio
9.20.16 Uncertainty, The Act, Compassion and Undoing - Video
9.20.16 Uncertainty, The Act, Compassion and Undoing - Audio
9.27.16 Committing to Reality and Getting Help - Video
9.27.16 Committing to Reality and Getting Help - Audio
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8.2.16 Don't Believe All Your Thoughts - Audio
8.2.16 Don't Believe All Your Thoughts - Video
8.9.16 Curiosity: The Antidote to Blindspots - Video
8.9.16 Curiosity: The Antidote to Blindspots - Audio
8.16.16 Writing To Create Buying and Buy-In - Video
8.16.16 Writing To Create Buying and Buy-In - Audio
8.23.16 Be Do Have - Video
8.23.16 Be Do Have - Audio
8.30.16 Contextual Listening - Video
8.30.16 Contextual Listening - Audio
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