Clear Workspace, Open Mind

From clutter to clarity, everywhere in your life | taught by Josef Shapiro

Course description

Most people operate with low levels of constant overwhelm and don’t realize the price they're paying for it. It creates fatigue, lack of focus, and there never seems to be time to do the important things.

What if it didn't have to be this way?

Decluttering your life reduces stress, increases focus, and can actually make you smarter. You don't have to be thinking about work when you're not working. You don't have to endure distractions. You can have more energy, more focus, and time to do now what you know is critical to create the future you want.

This course contains tools, methods, and techniques that we all should have learned in high school. You'll be amazed at the impact they have, and how quickly you can clear your mind, and open yourself to new possibilities.

The course begins by revealing what chronic overwhelm is and how it happens. Then you'll harvest the low-hanging fruit: the fastest and easiest ways to save hours a week, eliminate distraction, and enjoy your life a whole lot more. Following this (because you'll have time to take it on), you'll learn a complete set of tools to keep an empty inbox, a clear physical desktop, declutter your files, and much more with simple, step-by-step instructions on how to get there.

The most difficult part of the course is deciding to give yourself this gift. Real organization is about making things easier, and ending the needless struggle you're causing yourself because no one ever gave you these tools.

Here's an excerpt from a Clear and Open Member Webcast that talks about how getting organized is about so much more than just getting organized.

Josef Shapiro
Josef Shapiro

Josef's Clear and Open approach shows top leaders and changemakers how to look continuously inward for the answers, and more importantly, how to apply what they’ve learned to improve every aspect of their lives and their business. Josef’s methodology includes deep coaching, radical introspection, meditation, and other tools that allow you to create meaningful change—from the inside out.

Course Curriculum

1. Roadmap
1.1 Welcome! (start here) FREE PREVIEW
1.2 Beginning Your Organization Journey FREE PREVIEW
1.3 Self-Assessment FREE PREVIEW
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2. Overwhelm: The Invisible Inside Job
2.1 Snapshot FREE PREVIEW
2.2 The Seduction of Distraction
2.3 Being Busy
2.4 The Self-Organization Solution
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3. The Low Hanging Fruit
3.1 Snapshot FREE PREVIEW
3.2 Clear Space Now
3.3 Open Mind Now
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4. Email and Calendar Awakened
4.1 Snapshot
4.2 Inbox Zero
4.3 Love Your Email Again
4.4 Claim Your Calendar
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5. Developing Your Inner Manager
5.1 Snapshot
5.2 Manage Yourself First
5.3 Grow Your Focus Muscle
5.4 Project/Task Management Basics
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6. Clear Workspace
6.1 Snapshot
6.2 Fall In Love With Filing
6.3 What Color Is Your Desktop?
6.4 Epilogue
6.5 Self-Assessment
6.6 Course Evaluation
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7. Resources
About Meditation
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Epilogue to Clear Workspace, Open Mind
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