Course Description

Have you ever thought you solved a problem only to see it rear its head again, or somewhere else? Why does this happen? How do you prevent it? Are some problems just impossible to solve? Not if you know how to approach them.

CLEAR the Issue is a comprehensive troubleshooting methodology developed over my entire career as a mentor. The steps are:

  1. Clearly state the issue
  2. List the total impact
  3. Explore root causes
  4. Assess personal accountability
  5. Realize small next steps

When a problem doesn’t get solved, it’s inevitably because one or more of these steps aren’t followed. This is your complete guide to solve anything. I know, it sounds crazy, but you’ll discover it’s true. 

This course shows you how you have the power to affect any kind of change in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow process.

You'll learn:

  • How to follow any problem like a breadcrumb trail and solve root issues that cause problems everywhere
  • How to quantify the impact of a problem so you know it's truly worth solving and where to start
  • How to ensure you're moving toward solving the problem once and for all

This course gives you X-ray vision through superficial symptoms, band-aid fixes, and excuses. When a problem isn't getting solved, it's almost never because there isn't a solution: it's because the problem isn't fully understood. Einstein is famously quoted as saying:

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to when we created them"

But how exactly do you change your thinking? This is seldom talked about. CLEAR the Issue helps you change your thinking, so you can change your job, your department, your business, and your life. The problems you have now only still exist because you haven't CLEARed them. It's easier than you might think. Get started today!

Josef Shapiro

Since I first trained as a business coach at EMyth in 2002, I’ve been a change agent for thousands of business leaders and managers. Coaching is a fast-growing industry, but it's also very young. I'm a perennial student and never satisfied with the pace of human change because I think we can do better. For me, it’s an unsolved mystery and the needless suffering inside workplaces around the world hangs in the balance. It affects us all. Learn more at

Course curriculum

  • 3

    2. List The Total Impact

    • 2.1 Pretest

    • 2.2 Snapshot

    • 2.3 List The Total Impact

    • 2.4 Assignment

    • ​2.5 Impact Requires Courage

    • 2.6 Assignment

    • 2.7 Quiz

  • 4

    3. Explore Root Causes

    • 3.1 Pre-test

    • 3.2 Snapshot

    • 3.3 Drilling Down Versus Opening Out

    • 3.4 Assignment

    • 3.5 Values, Beliefs & Attitudes

    • 3.6 Quiz

  • 5

    4. Assess Personal Accountability

    • 4.1 Pre-test

    • 4.2 Snapshot

    • 4.3 Your Relationship To Accountability

    • 4.4 The Accountability Opportunity

    • 4.5 Accountability As Support

    • 4.6 Assignment

    • ​4.7 "Why" Is The Magic Word

    • 4.8 Quiz

  • 6

    5. Realize Small Next Steps

    • 5.1 Pretest

    • 5.2 Snapshot

    • 5.3 Every No Is A Yes

    • 5.4 Prioritization And The Pareto Principle

    • 5.5 Making Steps Small & Easy As Possible

    • 5.6 Triggers

    • 5.7 Quiz

    • 5.8 What's Next?

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